Points to be considered while selecting any college

1. Colleges Accreditation

This is such an important factor, especially in a country like India where many B-schools and technical schools pop up all over the country. Your MBA or PGDM college needs to be accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education, (AICTE) & University Grant Commission (UGC) only then will your course would be considered valid. AICTE & UGC are the governing bodies for higher education in the country, and its approval matters the most. AICTE & UGC approval also means that students can get grants, financial aid, and partake in students assistance programs.

The approval also means that a certain standard of education is maintained in the college. Furthermore, if your college is not accredited, you cannot do research or get a Ph.D. And another important reason for accreditation is that while hiring, most companies also look for candidates from accredited colleges. So, the AICTE & UGC seal of approval is an absolute must.

2. Your Requirement

You also need to assess what are your requirements from the MBA or PGDM course. What is your career plan? What is your end goal? What do you expect from your MBA or PGDM course? You have to consider all these things and more, and make an informed decision about your requirement. This will help you know what you want from your MBA or PGDM College and course. These factors can then be measured against what MBA or PGDM colleges are offering.

3. Placement History

Placements matter a lot. Good placements are a mark that a college has a strong reputation of providing good education to their students. Though what the colleges teach you matters the most, placements are also a good measure to ascertain the quality of the college. The best companies visit the only best colleges for campus interviews. Therefore, look at the colleges’ placement history when choosing a MBA or PGDM college.

4. Curriculum

A close look at any colleges curriculum is enough to give you a clear picture of what the quality of education is to be expected. Keep curriculum as one of your top parameters for judging a MBA or PGDM college, as good education will ensure you succeed no matter what. Look for the right mix between theory and practice. Just domain knowledge is not enough, its right application and teamwork should also be taught, along with other important soft skills. Also, look for course relevance to current national and international market conditions. Choose a college that has a high standard of education.

5. Integrated Certification with Programs

An excellent MBA or PGDM college will give you a whole lot more than just a diploma. Along with your diploma course, look for integrated certification with programs. These additional certifications are designed to give you a competitive edge in the professional world and raise your standard of education. Make sure these certifications are recognized and have a professional standing. In many cases, such integrated certification with programs also opens doors for getting job opportunities overseas.

6. Global Exposure

If a college can provide an opportunity for you to intern overseas, it is an excellent college. Working in a completely different country, learning about their work culture, and knowledge about international markets make you a desired candidate. Internship in a foreign location gives your resume a boost as companies are looking for such candidates. The best MBA or PGDM colleges have international ties and provide their students with this opportunity. Therefore, look for global exposure as an important parameter for judging a MBA or PGDM college.

7. Alumni

Take a close look at the alumni of a MBA or PGDM college. Their career trajectory will give you good insights about the college they once belonged to. Of course, succeeding in ones career is mostly dependent on the person, but your college plays an important role too. You can also get in touch with alumni to get an honest opinion about the college. They will be able to guide you well.

8. Location

Yes, location matters a lot when it comes to a good MBA or PGDM college. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi are home to the best colleges in the country. Plus, if you do choose a college in these cities, moving to these cities is quite easy, and you can also find internships and jobs in the same city. There are other educational hubs as well like Pune, Hyderabad, and Indore that have excellent colleges for MBA or PGDM and other such courses. You can choose these cites as well. More than other conveniences do look for the quality of education.

Follow the above-mentioned advice to the letter and it help you greatly narrow down your options, and make the right choice. Also, look at the legacy of the institute. Colleges that have been around for a long time are excellent colleges and perfectly fit the criteria mentioned above.

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